Training program

We are part of a network of more than 200 schools in countries on five continents,
14 of them in Spain. Our training shares, therefore, the same basis as the rest of the schools.

1. Personal development in Biodanza

  • This is the beginning of one of the most revealing and stimulating trips that can be undertaken, it is designed to develop the identity of each of the participants through deep and significant experiences facilitated by a team of Didacts of recognized international prestige.
  • Keep in mind that in each module three VIVENCIAS (classes) are integrated. This allows to deepen much given that each experience prepares the later and reinforces the previous one. In this way it is easier to reach “transtasis”, that is, broad jumps in your evolutionary process.
  • The course consists of 20 modules and is circular, that is, you can incorporate yourself in different moments and finish when you complete all the modules. If you “lose” a module, you can “recover” it at another time or in any other school in the world.

PDB Program

  1. Definition and Theoretical Model of Biodanza.
  2. Biocentric and Vital Unconscious Principle.
  3. The Vivencia
  4. Biological Aspects of Biodanza.
  5. Physiological Aspects of Biodanza.
  6. Psychological Aspects of Biodanza.
  7. Mythical and Philosophical Antecedents of Biodanza.
  8. Identity and Integration
  9. Trance and Regression.
  10. Human Movement
  11. Contact and caresses.
  12. Vitality.
  13. Sexuality.
  14. Creativity.
  15. Affectivity.
  16. Transcendence.
  17. Biodanza Ars Magna
  18. Biodanza and Social Action
  19. Applications and Extensions of Biodanza.
  20. Seminar: Tree of desires.

PDB investment

€ 300
Value of each Module
€ 160
It includes:
Booklets written by Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda.
Correction of the theoretical and vivential summaries of each Module.

2. Professional Training in Biodanza

  • Once the Personal Development has been completed, we can optionally continue with the professional training of Biodanza and obtain the diploma of facilitator or teacher of Biodanza Rolando Toro System.
  • Here, in addition to deepening experientially, we will enter the Methodology phase, developing skills related to oratory, body reading, musical semantics, class structure and group dynamics.
  • The training consists of
    A. 10 Experimental theoretical modules.
    B. Conduct of groups with the accompaniment of a didact of the faculty of the school.
    C. Presentation of a degree monograph.

PTB Program

  1. Music in Biodanza
  2. Biodanza Action Mechanisms.
  3. Methodology I (Musical Semantics)
  4. Methodology II (The session of Biodanza 1).
  5. Methodology III (The session of Biodanza 2).
  6. Methodology IV (Weekly and marathon course of Biodanza)
  7. Methodology V (The Biodanza group).
  8. Methodology VI (Evolution criteria in Biodanza).
  9. Methodology VII (Official List of the Biodanza Exercises)
  10. Seminar: Practical resources for the Biodanza Facilitator.

PTB investment

Value of each Module
€ 160
It includes:
Booklets written by Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda.
Correction of the theoretical and experiential summaries of each Module.

* The value of each supervision is €120 Individual and €80 shared.
* The presentation of the monograph is NO COST.