Rolando Mario Toro Araneda

Rolando Mario Toro Araneda was born in Concepción, Chile, on April 19, 1924.

He was trained as a teacher of basic education at the Normal School “José Abelardo Núñez”, Santiago de Chile in 1943. He taught in the cities of Valparaíso, Talcahuano, Pocuro and Santiago (Chile), between the years 1944 to 1957.

In 1964 he graduated from the School of Psychology of the Pedogogical Institute of the University of Chile.

He has been in charge of the Chair of Psychology of Art and Expression, at the Aesthetics Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. As a professor at the Center for Medical Anthropology, at the School of Medicine of the University of Chile, he has conducted research on the Expression of the Unconscious and on the States of Expansion of Consciousness. He has been named Professor Emeritus of the Open University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Between the years 1968 and 1973 he began his experiences with Biodanza (called in this period Psícodanza). He applied this system in the Psychiatric Hospital of Santiago and in the Aesthetic Institute of the Catholic University of Chile.

He has lived successively in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Italy.

Rolando Toro was also a poet and painter. He has published several books of poetry and psychotherapy. He has also held painting exhibitions in Brazil and Italy.

According to Rolando Toro, his most intimate profession was that of a poet.

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Poems of Rolando


I feel a little lost lately.
I am looking for a place to live.
A place that is really mine.

In the hole of the night?
On the edge of the cliff?
Under the plum tree?
I do not know…
A place between your arms, love.

Book: Ballad of the Fallen Angel


When I appeared at your side
for the first time
I was the Wizard Merlin
to fulfill your wishes
to take you to the unknown valleys of the

We contemplate when passing
the lizard on the sunny wall
the sunflowers in the breeze
and the sea without time.

When I appeared at your side
I was the Wizard Merlin:
“This is your night
and in your night you can be everything
what you want to be. ”

And you were a princess, pastor,
owner of the song.

Now that you leave, I leave you the music
of my love.

Book: After the Steps of Aphrodite.



Because we have more energy than we receive.
We have light in the eyes and migratory birds
because the impossible can happen.

Our steps full of conviction
for labyrinths of love …

Argonauts by the unknown sea

in search of the inner calf

because we have the power of the miracle.

The illusion, the bud in the cut oak
the hurricane with a woman’s name
and the heart beating
still without love
because the impossible can happen.

The blue angel in our bed
waiting for his new destiny
because the miraculous has the face of an angel.

We have children in the short space of one hundred years
and our love is infinite.

We have a love letter in our hands
and large golden wheat fields
in a ear of sleep.
Because the impossible is the everyday.

Book: The Impossible Can Happen