Before participating in your first Biodanza class

If you still have doubts, write us and we will respond shortly!

First classes of Biodanza

  • Get in touch through our form and tell us which session you would like to attend.
  • The duration of the session of Biodanza is 2 hours, consists of a first verbal part called experience story where the participants share with the group experiences of the previous session and a second part experiential, where the facilitator proposes the exercises of the class.
  • It is not necessary to know how to dance, the movement that is proposed is free expression, in no case choreographies or movements are made.
  • Comfortable clothes. The proposal is to dance barefoot, you can wear socks if you wish.

Regulation of Biodanza and its TRAINING

  • The Biodanza facilitators are certified by IBF after completing the 3-year training consisting of 28 modules plus 2 seminars, 8 supervisions and the presentation of a Monograph. This qualification allows the facilitator to know in depth Biodanza, its principles, and how to organize harmonic and organic classes that allow the participants to obtain a benefit. An unqualified person, by not knowing the techniques and works of Biodanza, facilitating a session of Biodanza could cause emotional conflicts and breakdown in some participants.
  • Biodanza is a system created by Rolando Toro Araneda, which consists of a theoretical model and a precise methodology. The International Biocentric Foundation (IBF) is the regulatory body of Biodanza around the world.