Sol Toro is the one to give this module! Mother, Pediatrician and Didact of Biodanza. Sol practices Biodanza since she was a child, she has been trained with Raúl and Verónica in the School of Buenos Aires and she is part of one of the references as a facilitator in Buenos Aires. It is a joy to receive it in our school to give a module as important as this!


“It is clear to all that the animal organism is a highly complex system consisting of an almost infinite series of connected parts and, as a total complex, with the surrounding world, with which it is in a state of equilibrium” Pavlov .

  • Pediatrician trained at the University of Buenos Aires.
  • Didacta de Biodanza Sistema Rolando Toro formada en Sudamérica.
  • Facilitator of Biodanza SRT Formed in the school of Buenos Aires – Dique Luján.