Alejandro Balbi Toro, Didacta Internacional de Biodanza, has traveled the 5 continents facilitating Biodanza, is one of the world leaders in Biodanza for children and adolescents and one of its specialties is HUMAN MOVEMENT! This is a very active, participative and joyful weekend that we love to share with Alejandro, with winged feet!


  • Director of the Biodanza SRT Schools in Brussels and Liége in Belgium.
  • Facilitator and Didact of Biodanza SRT.
  • Director of the CIMEB “Joven” (Center for Research in Music and Exercises of Biodanza for young people).
  • With more than a decade of experience within the Belgian educational system, besides having taught classes with children in different countries of the world.
  • He started in Biodanza at the age of 4 years, participating in groups facilitated by Cecilia Luzzi and Verónica Toro,


Bienvenido Alejandro a la Escuela de Biodanza SRT de Granada!