Augusto has been directly trained with Rolando Toro, born in Brazil he has lived in Spain for many years, where he directs the school of Zaragoza and actively participates in the Biodanza movement in Spain, has organized several Spanish Meetings and travels around the world facilitating workshops, training courses and participating in Biodanza events, welcome Augusto!

“What the mouth is silent, the body feels, this abyss that exists between what I feel and what I can demonstrate are impediments to a life full of meaning” (Augusto Madalena).

  • Director of the Biodanza School of Zaragoza.
  • Biodanza Didactics trainer in America and Europe.
  • Trainer in the IBF Extensions of Neochamanism in Biodanza, Biodanza in Clay and Biocentric Education.
  • In the last decade, he has dedicated himself to investigate the trilogy ‘Science – Art – Spirituality’, and the relationship of man with culture and nature.