The origins of the dance
July 20 to 25

Biodanza + Yoga + Guided tours around the environment + Sun + Rest
Organized by the Granada Biodanza School

Organized by: School of Biodanza SRT: Granada

“The memory of dance inhabits us, we are going to awaken ancient memories, which tell us about the change of the inner seasons, of the sublime instincts,
of our epic stories in our shared humanity within the circle of archetypes, in our ability to strike between our Apollonian elegance and Dionysian depth. “Marcelo Toro.

We have hired a 200 m2 tent with a wooden floor and the possibility of staying in Glamping tents (glamor and camping) in the Alicún Spa. The reason for the place being so unique, is undoubtedly due in large part to the termal waters that sprout naturally and abundantly. The beauty of the environment (protected area), the historical vestiges that we find in it can be shared and unveiled throughout the rooms.

* The tents include mattresses, sheets, mats, rugs, a table with chairs and a mobile phone charging area in the area.

From Monday, July 20 at 2:00 p.m. to Saturday, July 25 at 6:00 p.m.

Accommodation from Monday 20 to Saturday 25 July with full board (dinner from Monday 20 to lunch on Saturday 25).
Sunrises with Yoga facilitated by Elena Fernández Alcázar.
Sunsets with Biodanza facilitated by Viviana Canalis and Marcelo Toro.
Health Circle: Let’s talk about health! Different speakers in the afternoons.
Introduction to Bioenergetic massages with Rafael Nogales Herrera on Thursday, July 23
A BioJam session with Monika Solís Ruíz and Marcelo Toro on Friday, July 24
Guided tours of the environment.
Sun, pool and rest areas!


Depending on the number of children we can organize activities for them.
We will communicate with parents as they enroll.

* We have adapted to the regulations on de-confinement, capacity, circulation within the premises and food, both food preparation and eating spaces comply with the regulations. Glamping tents are ozone-cleaned and activities take place outdoors. With intelligence and sensitivity we develop a secure integration protocol so that our biovacations are unforgettable!

Name and Surname
Important food considerations?
Do you know who you share glamping with? Remember, 4 for Glamping.
Experience: *
Tell us about yourself, we will contact you.


€ 400 VAT included until July 6
€ 380 with discount.
Reserve your place depositing € 100

€ 425 VAT included from 7 to 13 July
€ 404 with discount.
Reserve your place depositing € 100

€ 450 VAT included from 14 to 20 July
€ 428 with discount.
Reserve your place depositing € 100

Reserve places by bank deposit:
Bank: CaixaBank
IBAN: ES96 2100 2517 7102 1019 7045
CONCEPT: Name and surname

* 5% Discount for Members of BidanzaYa! Students from the regular groups of Marcelo and Viviana and Students from the SRT Biodanza School: Granada.

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